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By investing in equity shares, one becomes a part owner of the company in legal terms and gets rewarded with annual dividends and capital appreciation in the long term. Right market timing and timely entry and exit becomes significantly crucial while dealing with direct equity. Interestingly, the market in India, presently offers various lucrative options to elect from. All you need to know as an investor is, which one fits your investment portfolio the best.

Our equity advisors help you in making informed decisions and investments in the best companies backed by proactive research and market intelligence, to build a lucrative equity portfolio for medium to long term investment horizon.

Our profound research largely depends on the constantly evolving and dynamic economic radicals that can directly or indirectly impact your portfolio. Our advisors takes into consideration the financial performance of the company, the emerging sectors and the possible investment themes in the current paradigm vis-à-vis the management track records for potential investment targets.

New Vertical Advisory provides Direct Equity recommendations based on the combined experience of a progressively dynamic team with 2 decades plus experience, backed by our sound investing principles. We are bound to bring you advantages that you can enjoy with us as your trusted partner. We bring you data driven stock selection based on real time data, followed by active monitoring to help  you achieve optimized results. We are all set to deliver tailor-made solutions to boost your portfolio and bring you the best depending upon your risk appetite and return expectation!

We help your hard earned money realise its true potential by helping it work hard for you, by investing the same in the best of class Equity focused Financial Instruments.