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Mutual funds are professionally managed investment fund that empowers you to make profits through multitude of options. New Vertical functions as your partner and guide bringing you comparisons and analysis that favours your financial plans aiding in beneficial mutual funds investments meticulously planned through the 'n' number of possibilities available in this dynamic and ever evolving market. The flexible options and investment plans help you explore investment prospects and reap benefits from dividends on stocks, interest on bonds, capital gain and fund share price increases.

Given that Mutual funds provide you with advantages of economies of scale, liquidity, a higher level of diversification it becomes extremely crucial to plan with an experienced professional to aptly and wisely invest and progress. Our experts support you with a calibrated approach in advising and helping you invest.

Why US?

  • New Vertical provides complete advisory services wherein our qualified and experienced experts counsel you to invest in the best available opportunities and help you channelise and track your resources towards superior returns.
  • New Vertical Advises you with a thorough understanding of your requirements, while considering other crucial parameters that are inevitable, such as, age of investor, risk appetite, number of members in the family, number of dependents, market conditions and interest rates and political global factors.
  • Our recommendations are conservative, well planned and largely based on your objective and goal for investment to make sure you achieve your goal as planned.
  • We also take into consideration your current financial portfolio – well performing/non-performing funds, and recommend the best performing funds to uplift your portfolio and bring it at par with your goals.
  • Our team proactively monitors your investments in the background of market dynamics and brings you updates on a regular basis.

We are here to help you thrive!